Fresh milk at the farm shop

Dan & Silo

New for Summer 2017: you can now buy luvverly free range fresh milk straight from our cows at the farm shop.

We are now selling luvverly West Middlewick Farm milk alongside our own burgers, sausages and other favourites at the farm shop. The milk is fresh and unpasteurised and only available from the farm. It’s not possible to buy unpasteurised milk in the supermarkets so do make sure you taste it while you are here.

If you are planning a trip to stay at the farm or live locally, you can pre-order milk here.

We are delighted to have been approved by the Food Standards Agency to sell milk at the farm. Our cows – largely British Friesians and British Friesians Cross Jerseys – roam the green fields around the farm giving the milk its authentic free range label.

Fresh unpasteurised milk had disappeared from sale in Mid Devon with the closest places selling unpasteurised milk being over thirty miles away at Holsworthy and Honiton. Please note that pregnant women are not advised to drink unpasteurised milk.