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About West Middlewick Farm

West Middlewick Farm is a dairy farm situated in the heart of Devon, between the hamlet of Nomansland and Witheridge, 9 miles from Tiverton, the largest town in Mid Devon. We’re a pretty self sufficient dairy farm, meaning that most of the food our animals eat, is grown and harvested on the farm. At the moment we have 80 cows plus followers, 100 ewes, and about a hundred chickens. Oh and many happy campers who keep coming back for more of the West Country life each year.

For more on whereabouts in Devon we are situated have a look at the location of West Middlewick Farm.

Get involved!

Many people who come and stay on our campsite or in one or our 5 self catering log cabins, take part in feeding the farm animals and enjoy farm life to truly make the most of a unique holiday experience. You can watch the cows being milked in the morning and evening and help feed them if you’d like to. There are usually calves to feed and occasionally tame lambs that need to be bottle fed! You can also join in the chicken feeding and egg collection with John or Jo at set times during the day. You can then buy the eggs you’ve collected if you fancy an eggy breakfast! Please note, any feeding of the animals should always be under the supervision of John or Joanna.

If you’re staying on the campsite or in one of the cabins, we are very happy for you to enjoy walks over the farm. The farm is ideal for family holidays but we do ask that children are supervised when near the animals and that dogs are kept on a lead.

See also walks on and around West Middlewick Farm.

Our animals

We are a dairy farm, so the majority of our cattle are Fresians, probably the best milk producing cows.

New – buy milk at the farm.

We are now selling luvverly West Middlewick Farm free range milk alongside our own burgers, sausages and other favourites at the farm shop. The milk is fresh and unpasteurised and only available from the farm. It’s not possible to buy unpasteurised milk in the supermarkets so do make sure you taste it from the farm.

We are delighted to have been approved by the Food Standards Agency to sell our milk at the farm. Our cows – largely British Friesians and British Friesians Cross Jerseys – roam the green fields around the farm giving the milk its authentic free range label.

Where does our milk go?

We quite often get asked where the rest of our milk goes and what happens to it. Well we are delighted to say that the milk from our lovely cows goes to make the ridiculously delicious Taw Valley Cheeses! And what a good cheese they make. So delicious is it, that they keep on winning awards which is probably down to the lovely milk they get from us. Buy it at the farm shop.

Buy our produce

More and more people want to know where their meat actually comes from? We are delighted to sell our own produce including free range beef, lamb and pork from the farm shop. Try our tasty joints of meat, steaks, sausages, bacon and burgers. We also sell our own free range unpasteurised milk and free range eggs, alongside other local produce including butter, cheese, ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, jams, chutney and some delicious Devon fudge

West Middlewick Farm soap – new for 2018

Made with raw milk from our own herd and West Country honey we are delighted to stock beautifully presented West Middlewick Farm soap. Try our soap full of skin loving vitamins A, C and E


We have around 60 cows, 40 sheep and around 100 chickens at the moment. We do sell our eggs, so please just let us know if you would like to buy some during your stay. Oh and if you have small children then the egg collecting always goes down well. Just ask John or Joanna about it when you see them.

Our cows all have names along with their passports and are all treated as individuals. The cows are milked through a 1950s style shippon with a large walkway through the middle enabling visitors to view the milking. The cows are milked twice a day in the morning between 8 and 10 and in the evening between 5 and 7. The calves are also fed during these times. You can see some photos in the gallery.

We have a small flock of sheep who spend some time in the pets corner alongside the campsite. Often we have tame lambs during the spring and summer, which require feeding with the bottle four times a day.

Recently we have started to keep a few pigs too..


Ready to book

If you would like to book a pitch or have any questions please email us at Stay@ westmiddlewick.co.uk or telephone: 01884 861 235. Or you can use form below.

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On site shop

Come and have a look in our shop, selling farm sausages and bacon, local fruit juices, chutneys and more local produce.

Eggy breakfast?

As well as our super delicious free range farm eggs £2.50 / dozen

Just ask Jo or John for shop opening times