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Raw milk

Fresh, creamy and topped up with goodness. Just how milk should be. After milking the cows we bottle milk for sale in the farm shop. We bottle every day so you are assured of fresh, great tasting milk. Now you can choose from our award winning raw milk or gently pasteurised whole milk – the choice is yours.

Know where your milk comes from

The majority of our grass fed 80 strong herd of British Friesians and British Friesians Cross Jerseys (as well as a growing number of Jersey Crosses coming along) roam the green fields around the farm giving our milk its authentic free range label. Our soya free cows graze our mid-Devon lush pastures for around nine months of the year. In the winter our cows enjoy local fodderbeet and our own silage (dried grass full of protein) that we cut from the fields.

We have been farming these fields for generations and we look after them so that our free range cows thrive. We can trace our cows back for generations too and every cow has a name. As you can imagine, we are always on the look-out for new names – suggestions via Facebook please! By rearing our own cows, we keep a healthy herd giving us great milk twice a day.

Raw milk is now a rare pleasure

Does the milk you buy taste like it used to? We believe in great tasting fresh milk and our raw milk is as fresh as you’ll get in Devon. We milk the cows and bottle the milk – with all the goodness and vitamins still in the bottle. Most milk these days is pasteurised. It’s heated to a very high temperature and then rapidly chilled. It’s also then homogenised so that every bottle has a uniform taste and appearance. These processes give the milk a very long shelf life. For us, that’s not the way to produce milk. We like to leave all the goodness in the bottle. Lots has been written on the health benefits and the risks of drinking raw milk. You must decide for yourself. Raw milk producers at Fen Dairy have lots of useful information on their website here . The table below, produced by Dr Axe, sets out some of the reasons for drinking raw milk. Read more from Dr Axe here: Raw Milk: Benefits vs. Dangers, Nutrition, Side Effects – Dr. Axe

Support local sustainable farming

By choosing our milk, you get great tasting milk and support the local economy.

Cut down the food miles. Our milk travels from the cow into our dairy and straight into the bottle. On average that’s about 15 metres.

Help us look after the countryside. Our cows roam the fresh green pastures for the majority of the year.

Our high quality milk tastes great and also makes great cheese

The high cream content in our milk means it’s great for cheese making. Milk that isn’t bottled is made into delicious Taw Valley cheeses available widely across Devon.

As well as our grass fed British Friesians and British Friesian Cross Jerseys, we also have several more Jersey Crosses coming along as we aim to produce more A2 milk. The cows originating from the Channel Islands produce milk that tends to be kind on the stomach and have many other benefits.

Our cows are soya free

We have recently removed soya from the animal feed we use. Soya has been linked to the destruction of rainforests. Soya has traditionally been used in animal feeds because it helps keep livestock healthy by giving them the protein they need. By using our own silage, we can ensure the cows get the proteins they need and we have found that the cows are producing just the same amount of high quality milk as ever.

A long tradition of producing high quality milk

Our family has been drinking West Middlewick Farm milk for generations. We started selling milk from the farm years ago. Campers and caravanners, as well as local people from Nomansland and Witheridge, would pick up a pint from outside the dairy. Then regulations prevented us from selling our milk for several years but we have now been selling again since 2016. We are delighted to be just one of a handful of farms licensed by the Food Standards Agency to sell raw milk in the West Country. In 2020 we installed a pasteuriser next to the dairy so that we now offer two great tastes: gently pasteurised free range whole milk and our award winning raw milk.


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