Award winning raw milk

Raw milk

Pure and simple – our milk is great to drink. Fresh from our luvverly cows with all the goodness still in the bottle, do try the true taste of fresh raw milk. We are the only farm in Devon selling raw milk and you can read all about our milk here.

We’re very proud to have recently won the gold award for the West Country Taste Awards 2020 for our raw milk.

The great taste of milk

There’s nothing like the taste of raw milk. Unlike milk that is pasteurised, raw milk contains all the natural ingredients that come with milk straight from the cow including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids. Our free range cows are fed on grass and roam the fields around our farm in Nomansland with access to shelter when the weather is bad, ensuring the milk is of the highest quality with a naturally creamy taste. We believe in reponsible farming, and as such any additional food our cows eat is soya free.

Most milk you buy has been pasteurised. This process removes significant amounts of butter fat and cream from the milk which is syphoned off and used to produce other dairy products such as butter, cream and cheese. This obviously makes a considerable difference to the quality of milk left after the process.

Unlike a lot of pasteurised milk, raw milk tastes great as it is. Some pasteurised milk has ingredients added to it including thickeners, stabilisers, sugars or artificial sweeteners and flavours.

The health benefits

A bottle of raw milk has all the goodness left in it and there are several health related benefits.

Full of vitamins

Raw milk contains a selection of vitamins – including vitamin A, B, C and D – that are so vital to our health. These occur naturally in milk. Drink fresh raw milk soon after we have milked the cows and enjoy the benefits. The heat treatment in the pasteurisation process destroys some of the vitamins and in any case some of the vitamins will no longer be present in the pasteurised milk as it can be several days before the milk gets to the supermarket.

Better digestion

We hear that more and more people are coming off dairy products because they say they cannot digest milk products. But raw milk contains lots of natural food enzymes such as lactase, lipase and phosphatase which help your body to better digest milk. Enzymes like phosphatase help the body to better absorb milk’s calcium while other enzymes like amylase and lactase help you digest the natural sugars present in milk. It’s the presence of the enzyme lactase that helps some individuals who are otherwise sensitive to lactose better digest raw milk.

Tackling allergies

Raw milk is being linked to helping reduce allergies in some children and studies also show that it helps reduce asthma in some children.


Many people are drinking raw milk for the taste and goodness – but also for the beneficial effects on skin. Raw milk contains several vitamins and minerals which naturally enhance your skin. Lots of people are consuming raw milk and report benefits for conditions including psoriasis, eczema and acne. Try the benefits yourself – you can also now buy West Middlewick Farm raw milk soap.

For more information on the health benefits of raw milk and the scientific studies that have been undertaken, please see the following:

Quality assured

We are a small family run farm and are proud of the way we look after our animals and the land they thrive on. Our family has farmed in Nomansland for several generations. Our herd of cows are British Friesan/ Jersey Crosses and they enjoy a nutritious diet including green grass, hay and sileage. We milk the cows and bottle the milk daily to make sure it is always fresh.

We are delighted to be approved by the Food Standards Agency to sell our milk. This means the cleanliness and quality of our milk is regularly tested by independent inspectors