West Middlewick Farm

Attractions - walking

We get a lot of walkers coming to stay at West Middlewick Farm, both the more seasoned professionals and the leisure walkers alike. It's a good place to stay after all - you're surrounded by beautiful countryside, and you have the Moors on either side. It's an ideal place for walking the Two Moors.

Oh by the way - if you're walking the Two Moors walk - let us know - there might be a little discount available for you if you're camping for the night - frankly, we think you earn it! Also for you Moors walkers we do offer to pick you up and drop you off in Witheridge - but please give us as much notice as you can. We also offer a backpacker service to pick you up, but again please give sufficient notice.

The local walks

We'll be putting some more detailed information about the local walks up soon including a map of the fields that belong to the farm. In the meantime if you need directions on where any of the local walks are, we'll be able to help.

New! Wild flower walks

Take a guided walk at Lower Ash Moor. Walks can be arranged anytime (by appointment only), but the best months to visit are June and July. Lower Ash Moor is about 4 miles from the campsite. There is no charge, but you will need a group of four or more people.


Ready to book

If you would like to book a pitch or have any questions please email us at Stay@ westmiddlewick.co.uk or telephone: 01884 861 235. Or you can use form below.

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