West Middlewick Farm shop

We love our farm and are delighted to share a taste of it with you at the farm shop. We are open every day from 9am to 6pm (Sundays 9am – 12 midday). You can buy free range West Middlewick Farm produce and we also stock a great selection of other local food, drink and souvenirs.

High quality meat

Farm shop meat

Shop fridge – selection of farm meat

We sell our own West Middlewick Farm high quality beef, pork and lamb. Choose from a selection of steaks and joints of meat. We also sell our own delicious bacon, pork sausages and burgers. All our animals are grass fed and free range.

Raw milk

Our luvverly cows produce fantastic milk every day. Buy our own raw milk from the farm shop with all the goodness still in the bottle. We bottle milk every day so that is fresh for you. Find out more about our milk and the benefits of drinking raw milk here.

West Middlewick Farm soap

We now sell our own soap made with West Middlewick Farm raw milk and local honey. It’s packed full of goodness and full of skin loving vitamins A, C and E.

Eggs and dairy products

Alongside our own fresh raw milk and free range eggs, we stock a selection of Taw Valley cheeses (which use our milk) as well as butter and delicious ice cream.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and snacks

We are now selling a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as local fruit juices, crisps and cookies.

Sheepskins, souvenirs and cards

For a great souvenir from the farm and the ultimate comfort, try one of our own sheepskins. We also sell local postcards, greetings cards, fudge, milk jugs and other items to remind you of your stay.